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Guests on Tour

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

2020 has had a busy start with guests from all over New Zealand and the world. John & Leonie had been travelling all around NZ, starting in Auckland. When they stayed with us they had travelled quite a bit of the bottom of the South Island on their bike and sidecar and had seen some amazing sites. It was interesting to hear about their trip, their favourite spots and sites to visit. Leonie was an amazing photographer and had captured some fantastic images of their trip which she shared with us.

It bought back to us what a wonderful country we live in with so much variety and so many wonderful places to visit. Since Christmas we have had guests from New Zealand, England, USA, France, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Sweden & Australia. Everyone of them has been so interesting and we consider ourselves so lucky to meet them and spend some time with them. We get to travel the world from our own home. They come from all walks of life, this for us adds so much to our lives.

We have been able to share travel ideas and sightseeing opportunities here in Banks Peninsula. Guests have embarked on hikes, boat tours, swimming with the dolphins, sailing trips, penguin trips, kayaking, paddle boarding, visiting the Giants house sculptural garden, drives exploring the eastern bays and beaches, Okains Bay Museum, Onuku Marae & Barrys Bay Cheese Factory.

The local restaurants, cafes, bars & shops have been very popular with some guests being content to sit looking over the harbour enjoying a nice glass of wine for an hour or two. It is a nice reminder of what Akaroa and the Peninsula have to offer, you see it all through fresh eyes.



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