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What's been happening over winter ?

We have been busy changing the Bellbird and Fantail rooms into ensuite rooms. We were lucky to have a great team of builders and trades who turned everything around in 3 weeks. We are so happy with the results. It gave us the opportunity to change up some items, bedding lamps etc. So, from our point of view, it's been fun. During this time, we went to Melbourne and stayed with some wonderful friends, explored some great antique shops. We managed to come back with some lovely lamps and some amazing French jugs. Brendon is fantastic at packing, and we managed to bring it all back in our bags. This is something we have always loved about travel, the opportunity to source something that's a bit different.

Back in June we both had Covid but fortunately mild cases and we recovered quickly. The B & B has been steady with some wonderful guests. Overseas travelers are booking now with October being the start of a busy season. It will keep us on our toes as we also hope to start our new project.

We currently have plans in council to build some apartments next door to us. These will be self-contained apartments and have been designed by our good friend Peter Townsend of Townsend Architects. We are very excited by this new project and think it will fit in with the B & B. We will be able to offer our guests a range of different options so watch this space. We will keep you updated on progress. We need to receive consent first but as soon as we do the project will be underway.

I have spent some time with Hayley Morris from HM Creative sourcing some great furniture and fittings and can't wait to see it all come together.

Just when we thought Winter was over, we have been hit with a snowy blast. Pictured is the snowman we made after a dump of snow in Akaroa. We can't believe how cold it is. Here is hoping things start to improve soon

Fantail room now with ensuite.

Brendon has been busy gardening and he has started on some of the garden next door. One of his big projects has been setting up some frames and espaliering some fruit trees. They are looking great, and we look forward to some lovely fruit in the future. We are so lucky to grow so much of our food here, it enables me to use some great fresh produce for breakfasts in the B & B.

One of the things we love about what we do are the returning guests, we have quite a few now and it feels like we have extended our family. We really enjoy the opportunity to catch up and spend some time with them. In the next couple of months, we have several returnees, and we can't wait to see them again.

Anyway, take care everyone and thank you for supporting us here at Newton Heights

Brendon & Gail


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