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We love a classic car

Brendon and I share a love of classic cars. The 1968 Shelby GT500 convertible pictured with Brendon is our pride and joy. We purchased this in an online auction in Japan 12 years ago and we had it shipped to New Zealand. When it arrived it was pale yellow, still a gorgeous car but the color didn't do it justice. Our friend in Blenheim ,Mark Stead from Big Shed Customs undertook to do the restoration for us. Brendon and Mark stripped the car right back and Mark started the restoration project. Parts were ordered from the USA and as each box arrived it was very exciting. In the mean time while the restoration was underway we undertook some research. After the car was first assembled in March 1968 it was sent to the playboy mansion at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. This car was one of ten that were sent to Hugh Hefner for them to use as courtesy cars for guests and friends. It was there for approximately 6 months. We named the car Hugh in reference to the time the car spent there. It was during this time that Hugh Hefner loaned the car to Don Adams and the car was used in 2 episodes of Get Smart that viewed in early 1969. The car was sold for the first time in February 1969 and from there was in America until the late 1980's when it was sold into Japan where it stayed until we bought it to New Zealand.

We love the history of the car and feel very privileged to own the car. Mark did an amazing job with the restoration, restoring it back to its original color and restoring the interior. If you are staying with us feel free to ask Brendon to show you Hugh. We also have a couple of other very gorgeous vehicles tucked away in our garage, it really is a man cave worth seeing


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